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To ensure that my best is given to every project undertaken, I have developed the following manifesto to guide my design solving process, whether simple or complex. Together with the client, every move is customised in a way that produces the best outcome; taking the most effective route without any deviation.

1. Briefing

In this process I get clear understanding about the history and vision of my client’s brand. This is where we define the problem and the possible solution.

2. Agreement & Downpayment

In every project the client and myself sets an agreement and project timeline. This helps both the parties stay accountable for every step. After the agreement, there is a minimum of 50% downpayment which is required to be paid.

3. Research & Discovery

Based on the brief and the proposed solution, I do my research on factors such as competitors, brand positioning, strategy and the execution of solution and create my own moodboards for the brand.

4. Sketching & Designing

Once happy with the progress, keeping the brief and the research in perspective; I move on to the most important part – sketching my ideas down, either digitally or on paper.

5. Presentation

Once I design some potential concepts for clients, I present them to the clients explaining them the concept direction & color selection using unique mockups.

6. Revisions (If any)

Upon presenting the concepts, if the client feels the need for revisions, I make sure it’s done by understanding what needs to be refined and try to stay in focus to stay productive.

7. Final Delivery

Once the final design has been completed and approved by the client, I prepare both Vector and Raster files for delivery. These include all the files needed for branding.

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